Deltaoil is led by the Chairman/Managing Director of the Group operating from the head office in Sweden under a President’s office, General Manager’s office for monitoring each subsidiary and all projects. Each subsidiary maintains a President's/CEO, General Manager and Division Managers; and is independent and operating own account, administration, transportation, etc; however, the group companies maintain effective interaction and share resources and opportunities to be efficient. Deltaoil Group plans to diversify into several businesses thru research, development and innovation.


Deltaoil Consortium

In 2009, Deltaoil established its Nigerian subsidiaries to take advantage of the growing changes in the oil sector, e.g., the Petroleum Bill, Nigerian Gas Master Plan and urban and infrastructural developments. Therefore, was formed Delta Oil Technologies and Construction Ltd (Deltaoil TC), with a strong Construction Consortium (Deltaoil TCC) has been organized around its core.

Deltaoil TCC is designed to operate in concert with existing subsidiaries, Delta Oil Technologies and Construction Ltd (Deltaoil TC) and Delta Oil International Co. Ltd (Deltaoil TW) and will undertake to provide technical, engineering and construction services for Governments, private & public companies projects; designing and building major infrastructures such as, office and residential buildings, roads and bridges, power and industrial plants, oil terminals, storage depots for crude and oil products and refineries, etc.