Civil / Construction

Deltaoil TW has integrated Commander Construction Co. Ltd as key and led construction team having executed many notable projects in urban land developments, highway & bridges, building and National housing, etc., Below are performed some of the projects:

Kaohsiung City Hall Building Project:

Built during 1990 – 1992, is a high quality landmark office building with 3 floors underground and 10 floors above the ground. It has a center atrium with 10 stories high glass ceiling.

Box Style RC Elevated Bridge Project:

Constructed during 1994 – 1997, is a high quality Box design that spans up to 80 meters and total length of 3,000 meters. The bridge foundation is concrete piled and the box beam constructed in steel.

Elevated Bridge Project:

Constructed in steel structure box beams, the above elevated RC surfaced roadway bridge has a width of 25 meters. The flyover section is a long and curved steel bridge,

Freeway Long Curve Steel Bridge Project:

Constructed with precision beam setting as it stands above a freeway requiring minimum construction time, the flyover steel bridge is 102 meter

Freeway for Paving Asphalt Project:

Freeway bridge and wilding Project:

City Area Connecting Highway Project:

Constructed during 1981 – 1985, this is a typical main street road work, which includes drainage ditches, underground channel system for waste water,

Steel Bridge Crossing the River Project:

This River’s width is 120 meters. This is a single span. It does not have any support in the river. Difficulty was encountered while the foundation pile was being constructed. Waste pieces of concrete and wood were obstructing the piling process. Deep excavation was required to clear the waste before construction can continue. This bridge was constructed during 1989-1991.

Harbor Project:

Kaohsiung Harbor is a world 5th largest port. It has deep water and ideal geographically shape for harbor. We constructed this portion during 1984-1986. The total length is 2,000 meters. This portion of the wharf has a depth of 8-12 meters with rocky seabed. We used the casing construction method. On the top we used concrete to place. Side protection shown is used to allow docking of larger cargo vessel.