Power / Energy

Independent Power Plant (IPP)

Following the rapid growth of world global trade and economy, power plant and energy consumption is high, especially in the Asia and Africa countries. Deltaoil Group is capable to design the Thermal Power Plant, e.g. Utility Boiler, Turbine Generator and DCS control system, since the supply scope of above mentioned projects always belongs to the turnkey base of the Boiler contractor. It requires highest technical knowhow and critical experience for the engineering and construction works.

With Deltaoil core members having more than 20 years of working experience and the capabilities to deliver the subsidiary equipments (Products from Clyde Bergemann Power Group) for improving Boiler efficiency e.g., Soot blowing, Air pollution control (EP, Bag Filter, Ash handling), Energy Saving (Economizer, Air Condenser, Air Pre-heaters, Waste Heat Boiler, HP/LP Heat Exchanger) Coal Handling etc., we are able to provide services widely applied in various industries and Power Plants.

Ship unloader for Coal Handling

Steam Turbine, Electrostatic Precipitator (EP), and Coal storage facilities.

Diesel Power Plants (DPP)

Deltaoil’s incorporating core member, Loyal Global Ltd, has 15 years of experience in main engines, parts and services for power industry worldwide, e.g Wartsila Generator, especially in Europe and Asia. It has the capacity and capability for commissioning, supervising, trial-running, engine adjustment, and diesel power plant maintenance, etc.

During 1990 – 2010 the team completed site service commissioning, performace test adjustment and maintenance works at major industries of many diesel power plants (DPP) in Taiwan. e.g. Formosa Petrochemical Corp (FPCC), Tung Ho Steel, Taiwan cement, Nan Ya Plastic etc., with the capacity from 6,400 Kws to 26,000 KWs. The total of installations are more than 40 units.

Upgrading of Electric Power supply

With many years of working experience at maintenance and delivery of new equipments as well as used Engines and Generators including changing of spare parts and problem solutions.

Today, with more and more countries undergoing rapid privatization of their power industries to meet their growing energy demand, we can supply guarantied and used modular units engines for operation on turnkey base at competitive prices.

No matter what kind of fuels, e.g. natural gas, light or heavy fuel oils, they can all be used to generate the electricity, heat and steam service for Insustrial, Commercial and Residential applications.

Also, we have assisted many neigberhood countries, e.g. Vietnam, China, Solomon through our professional engineer for supervising the equipments during the overhall schedule.

Our scope and team works are carefully designed and during the installation, we conduct regular training of the local staff covering every aspect of plant operation and maintenance.

Cogeneration Plant

The Cogeneration plant is designed for using various sources of fuel, which are fed into the utility boiler to burn and produce steam. After that, the steam is used for generating of electricity. It is possible to combine steam and electricity and converts both energies into final output.

Parts of the steam may be used through heat exchangers for serving the processes in the plant, and the electricity can be provided to machine operation in the plant for saving the production cost.

The extra electricity can be sold to National Power Company (NPC) or nearby plants in order to supply their electricity for production and the district area for house lighting and heating scheme, etc.

Today, the Cogeneration plant plays an important role in various industries. Comparing to the fossil power plant, the performance of the Cogeneration plant is much better. It saves the building up time, land, lower labor cost, allows burning Marti fuel, high efficiency, low heat loss, easy operation and maintenance, etc. The cogeneration plant has more advantage than Thermal power plant in investment capital and payback time. It is very suitable for the new development country who needs the power and electricity urgently.

Combine Cycle Plant

The Combine Cycle Plant is designed to inject the LNG Gas and Fuel oil to combustion chamber through a compressor into the Gas turbine for generating the Electricity (Single cycle). The exhaust heat can be fed into the Waste Heat boiler for producing the Steam, or be fed into the Steam Turbine for Generating the Electricity (Double cycle).

Power Transmission and Distribution

The scope of transmission and distribution system includes from 345/161 kV transformers at Main station, the overhead high/extra-high voltage tower and power cables feed to 161/33 kV primary and secondary substation and D/S facilities.

Features: Changing the outdoor type of substation and overhead power cable into underground.

Deltaoil Group has the capability and has organized a strong Consortium term to assist the off-taker (State Power company) to execute Power/Energy Projects. The structure and scope of works shall be conducted under our well established principles meeting or exceeding our customers expectations and requirements.